Prenatal yoga aims to enable each woman to celebrate and enjoy bringing a new life during the weeks and months of pregnancy.
They are perfectly safe yoga techniques, adapted to the gestation period, which the pregnant woman experiences through movement, stillness (asanas), breathing, relaxation, visualization and meditation. Used also audio exercises (use of voice) and dance patterns that contribute to relaxation and health of pregnant until the moment of birth.

Emotionally encourage the new mother to accept where it is, to adapt, to move, to be transformed.
Copyright enhances awareness through breathing exercises during pregnancy and also promotes relaxation and connect the mother with her baby.
Physically it helps the mother learns she listens to her body, to identify their needs, to love, to care and to trust.

So gradually perinatal yoga offers the expectant mother:
• breathing capacity development through the proper use of breathing.
• Familiarity with the pelvic muscles of ground with simultaneous stimulation and release of specific muscles.
• Responding to changes that occur in the body.
• Strengthening of the body, using the proper attitude, familiarity with the correct movement and alignment of the body.
• prevention or relief from the common symptoms of pregnancy.
• Deepening itself and connection with the baby before birth.
• Self-education. Learns that pregnant how to help herself in everyday life.
• Formation of friendship and interaction between women who develop promising feelings.

A prerequisite to affect perinatal yoga in daily life of the pregnant woman is the prior agreement and written consent obstetrician-gynecologist who monitors. Under this good cooperation and interaction every expectant mother informs the studio and teacher for any variations in the course of pregnancy.
Every woman can participate in the program from the first until the last month of pregnancy.

Class Category: NON HOT

Instructor: Stella Papatheodorou