Quantum Therapy’s advanced techniques are amongst the most advanced and alternative holistic therapies. Combining them with massage and reflexology practices offers unique results. Their benefits promote overall wellness and include the reduction of body fat, improvements in physical condition, energy boosting, detoxing and anti-ageing management and overall energy balance.

Reflexology is an ancient holistic, natural science, which is targeted at all levels of a person’s being - their body, mind & soul - and is based on the existence of points on the feet, palms, ears and other specific areas, which correspond to each organ or section of the body. Reflexology teaches us that our body is divided into ten zones, five on each side of the body, starting from each finger of the hands and feet and reaching all the way up to the head. Within these lengthy zones, flows a form of energy that connects the organs that exist within the same zone. By systematically stimulating the above points - which are called “ reflexive” - with special rubbing or pressing techniques, each specific organ or body area that is associated with that organ is activated. This activates the healing powers of our body, resulting in relaxation and balance. During a session of quantum reflexology, the therapist coordinates his energy with the patient’s, thus correcting his energy field.

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