The ancient, traditional Thai Massage is a technique that includes pressures (acupressure) and the application of passive stretching. The fingers push specific parts of the body and muscular system, in order to provide relief from pains, stiffness, tension, fatigue and ailment symptoms. The pressure points are located along the meridians, i.e. the channels through which the body’s energy flows. These channels are invisible, but according to eastern philosophy exist and can be determined as accurately as the nerves. The patient feels a wave of energy flowing through these lines, as the therapist presses them. Meridians pass through many parts of the body and connect all vital organs, which explains why massaging a point away from the pain area is effective. When done skillfully, Thai Massage can relieve many types of chronic diseases and pain. Thai Massage is practiced to maintain health and vitality, improve the functionality of our internal organs and unblock the energy flow within our body.

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